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Technical specifications - english version

1. General providing

For a unique mapping, please mention the following information when providing your material: 

  • Customer name 
  • Name of campaign 
  • Booking period 
  • Placing and quantity of ad impressions 
  • Advertising format



  • Standard ad formats: 3 working days before start of runtime 
  • Special ad formats: 5 working days before start of runtime 
  • Delivery Address: 
  • Please provide material as zip file or download link (large amount of data such as Video / Streaming)

2. General Conditions

  • Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH reserves the right to release each artwork in a single case decision. Advertising media that interfere with the use of the pages may be rejected. 

 Manipulation caused by JavaScript

  • Subsequent manipulation of the DOM content with JavaScript is not allowed. 


  • Click-URLs may not contain spaces

3. Banner formats website

  • Images (jpeg, gif, animated gif) 
  • HTML5 
  • 3rd-Party-Redirects 

3.1. Image

Images can be delivered in jpeg, gif or animated gif format.
The maximum file size is each 50 kb. Please deliver two files for wallpaper and hockey stick format.
Only images in RGB colour mode can be processed. 

3.2. HTML5

  • All HTML5 formats have to be created according to specifications of DoubleClick for Publishers (DfP) 
  • All components must be part of a zip file. For wallpaper and hockey stick formats please provide two components in each a single zip file. 
  • Linkage must be included! 
  • The HTML5 package or the total size of the extracted file may not succeed 1000 kb. 
  • All externally integrated assets, scripts and images must be delivered via SSL / HTTPS. 
  • The guidelines for size and the guidelines for Click Tags must be respected. The latest versions for implementation with detailed specifications are obtainable on and
  • HTML5 files are being delivered in Safe Frame modus. Banners may not play any sound without clear user interaction (mouse over, etc.)

Maximum file size
Initial load ~ 200 kb; Polite load ~ 400 kb 

3.3. 3rd-Party-Redirects

 HTML5 banners may be delivered as 3rd-Party-Redirect code or as a zip file. All other terms and conditions correspond to HTML5 format conditions. 

 3.4. Native Advertising / Online Advertorial

  • Teaser picture + teaser text: 306x172 px (w x h), 200 characters incl. spaces 153x153 px (w x h), characters incl. spaces 300x300 px (w x h), 200 characters incl. spaces 599x314 px (w x h), 200 characters incl. spaces 190x140 px (w x h), 200 characters incl. spaces 152x115 px (w x h), 200 characters incl. spaces
  • Article picture max. 728 px wide
  • Further pictures or a video may be integrated
  • Text document

In order that we can determine, how your article page should be designed, please provide a document outlining headline, subheadings, placing of images and which words should be linked. 

4. Banner formats newsletter 

  • Images (jpeg, gif, animated gif)
  • Impression tracking possible

5. Video Website 

  • Recommended resolution 16:9. 1.920 x 1.080 px
  • Preview image (.gif, .jpg, .png) format 1.280 x 720 px (w x h), max. 2 MB 
  • File formats:
    .MOV,.MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI,
  • An integration of YouTube-videos is possible. Please note, that the preview image/ the thumbnail will be carried out of YouTube. For a guideline to upload an individual thumbnail on YouTube, click here. 

Our general terms and conditions for advertising business the online media apply.