Landwirt­schaftsverlag Münster supports flood victims with € 20,000

In view of the dramatic situation in the flooded areas, Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster is providing a total of €20,000 for the affected farmers, winegrowers, book and food retailers. The money goes to the Schorlemer Foundation of the German Farmers' Association, the Sozialwerk des Deutschen Buchhandels and the relief measures initiated by the NRW Trade Association.

„Some of those affected have lost everything. That's where fast and coordinated help is most helpful,„ emphasizes Dr. Ludger Schulze Pals, one of three managing directors at Landwirtschaftsverlag. „That's why we're grateful to the organizations for collecting not only money but also donations in kind and organizing their distribution.„

„It goes without saying that we're giving affected subscribers and advertising customers extended payment terms and granting booksellers credit for destroyed stock that isn't covered by insurance or government aid,„ assures Malte Schwerdtfeger, managing director of Landwirtschaftsverlag. For this purpose, a short, informal note to the publisher is sufficient, he said.

The solidarity with those affected is great. „Many farmers donate fodder or drive their tractors and trailers to the crisis areas to participate in the cleanup efforts,„ Werner Gehring, also managing director of Landwirtschaftsverlag, describes the situation. This shows, the peasant values that Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen already had in mind when he founded the first peasant cooperative over 100 years ago, namely „Have a share, take a share, take responsibility. With each other and for each other„, they still apply today. That is a small comfort in these difficult times, he said.

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