LANDBRIEF expands its offering and launches a subscription service

LANDBRIEF (a country newsletter), the digital medium of Landwirtschaftsverlag (Münster) launched in 2021, is opening a new chapter: After a successful four-month test phase, LANDBRIEF is expanding its range of services and will now appear twice a week.

On Wednesdays there is the digital LANDBRIEF as usual. It takes up current topics that are explosive for the country. Previous topics have been:

  • Quotas, pilots, white coats: Who cures medical care in rural areas?
  • Single-family homes on the brink of extinction?
  • Green genetic engineering between the devil's work and panacea
  • Ecos on a right-wing course: Ethnic settlers
  • How the traffic lights want to switch on the photovoltaic booster
  • All problems solved? Volunteer fire brigades in the countryside

    The new LANDBRIEF COLUMN is now available on Sundays. It is written by authors who know the countryside and their subject inside out. This can be the blogging farmer or the regional planner, the village moderator or the urban-rural social researcher, the rural doctor or the expert on world food issues.

    They all observe what is going on in the countryside with their respective prior knowledge and their special view. They will write regularly for the LANDBRIEF COLUMN and examine current issues from their perspective.

    With this expansion, LANDBRIEF is launching its subscription offer. Readers can continue to receive it free of charge by e-mail for four weeks to get to know it. After that, we offer regular subscriptions to LANDBRIEF and the LANDBRIEF COLUMN at a price of 8 euros per month. Interested parties can take out their subscription online at www.landbrief.de.

    Background: What is LANDBRIEF?

    Landwirtschaftsverlag launched LANDBRIEF in September 2021. It is published exclusively in digital form and is aimed at all those who live in the countryside, with their particular questions, topic wishes and interests: for example, digital, gardening or energy, rural infrastructure, voluntary work or village culture.

    LANDBRIEF offers a kind of digital report on the situation in the countryside - with the facts, information and links that everyone needs to be able to think, speak and decide in the countryside and for the countryside.

    In a nutshell: LANDBRIEF ...

    • provides regular and reliable information on issues of particular topicality and importance to the rural population in the countryside, in villages and small towns.
    • is published on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is not printed, but only available digitally by e-mail.
    • ...is not a newsletter quickly put together on the computer, as there are thousands of them. It is: It is a letter, which means that it takes a well-known and personal form of communication and reinterprets it: journalistically and digitally.
    • is independent and does not need advertising. That's why the subscription costs 8 euros/month (from May 2022).

    All further information is available here: www.landbrief.de