Future farmer: Shaping tomorrow's agriculture

The federal government is preparing citizens for a turning point and the biggest upheaval in 100 years.

But how do we get to a well-designed future when mistrust and fake news keep shaping the public discussion towards all changes and innovations? And how can more trust in the formation of public opinion be achieved again in this day and age?

The authors Jens Lönneker, Marco Diefenbach and Lukas Struwe from the market and media research agency rheingold salon explore these questions in their book “Future Farmer - On the Analysis and Shaping of Public Trust” using the example of agriculture.

Changes and upheavals need new narratives and images to find acceptance. They need new narratives that show perspectives and at the same time offer certainties - and at the same time also integrate ulterior and unconscious interests. The concept “Future Farmer” shows, empirically proven and using agriculture as an example, how to win the trust of citizens, farmers and trade for new perspectives around the production and consumption of food. It sets out how new future-oriented narratives are systematically developed.

With forewords by: Kerstin Rudat (international award-winning communications expert, politician), Josef Sanktjohanser (President of the German Retail Association (HDE)) and Werner Schwarz (Vice President of the German Farmers' Association (DBV)).

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Jens Lönneker, Marco Diefenbach and Lukas Struwe
Future Builder
On analysing and shaping public trust
LV.book published by Landwirtschaftsverlag
ET: 13.06.2022
108 pages, hardcover, 20 x 28 cm
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ISBN: 978-3-7843-5733-1